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Hadszíntér 1999

Tim Roth is now debuting as a director and the least thing that we expect from the actor of Reservoir Dog is that in one word we can call his movie cool.

However the film starts out pretty wild since it turns out to be a low budget socio-drama flick, a down kinda family now downgrades from London to a small ranch kinda village. It's where they're gonna live, daddy, mammy, the teens, Tom and Jessie and a new baby on the way who's being born on the road in a flipped over car.
Daddy's doing the driving,
Big Daddy with the new baby - don't let him touch ..the teens enjoy fresh air on their face up off the convertible car while mom's badly moaning in the background. Daddy turns the car off the small road and over, and they can't get mum out, however they'll get to the hospital. Great, at this point some girls just leave from the audience, they as original Tim Roth fans must have expected something slightly different but the show moves on.

Of course it's gonna be all long scenes which work as an intellectual cover as we're supposed to recognize a cool director behind when we see long scenes like something is worth to be watched harder for all the details.Mom - after the ride ..
When someone only wants to appear intellectual he'll be happy rubbing his hands thinking that while his american or cool-
british colleges will eat up big lots from their movie's budget for a single minute to be shot he, (now Tim Roth) can make even fifteen minutes on a single shooting day and won't even have to bother with extras, exciting camera-movements, visual effects or expensive actors or locations. Easy, the virus of the flue can work about this easy.
Lara Belmont playing Jessie is just really beautiful, really cool looking even in those muddy jeans and unflat boots and pullie. Too bad that the movie won't let us stay at this modest level enjoying her presence and we will even have to see her 75D sized tits and all that wouldn't belong close to a cool subject. The plot goes along Jessie's line and as it usually happens with low budget projects that try to break in the big market getting in bed with critics first, instead of humor and emotions and a cool story telling you'll get elements like much more severe then those in the entire Scream trilogy. Yes, for films it's also true: cheep is no good, gotto spice it up with drama and keep stirring. So what now to look forward to? Daddy keeps abusing his teen girl, sexually and the word "anal" is also involved.

Action movies and movie-movies have a difference in plot, action movies' will be much simpler regarding for instance the number of twist, "terrorists get in the building", "Bruce Willis has got stuck inthere" etc, Tim Roth's movie uses an even rarer kit, "they are living in Devon", Tom finds out about abuse", "tension gets higher", "final".


Critics are usually dissing horror movies, and action movies too, and Bruce Willis movies also, but to stay with the genre of horror showing it uncut for five stupid minutes through a single angle like on some documentary video that a man is anally raping her crying daughter is just a way more mean and also a way worse thing to do than anything that a horror movie can get for us. It well deserves NC 21 for this, a PG category can't be appropriate anyhow. Whoever likes this kinda movies must suffer from perversion on the basis of some deep suffocation, actually watching "nice" horror movies must be suffocated - by snobbism.
We can say that The Boy Don't Cry involves the same sort of hard scenes however it is based on a true story and works as a memory to poor Tina Brandon, and it is an educational issue also that can prevent future Tina Brandon tragedies.
Tim Roth's movie doesn't stand on a true basis but on a British bestseller loved by the critics who know nothing about how He's also beating up his daughter ..
social workers fight child abuse and how child abuse has to be handled. In this story there's not a single police station, the mother won't suspect a thing either, and when Tom the boy has taped a criminal action he'll just drop the camera from top of the cliff. Like this the whole story only tells us that in England medieval ages and perversion can put up in an abandoned place like Devon. Jean Luc Godard was really upset about Schindler's List's getting into production back in time and he even published a protesting letter in which one of the first lines went like he hates Hollywood for having not able to stop Mr. Spielberg rebuilding Auschwitz.

Practically speaking Tim Roth did the very same thing and he's lucky with the critics who like it because this film has nothing to do with Hollywood or in other words has nothing to do with the quality of 20Th century movies.
After all these what else can this twisted story have for us, maybe a turn? Would it be a twist enough if Tom turned out to have been only jealous of his
Tom - the son ..
father? A turn like this would be anything but a turn, sickness maybe. Tim Roth can do himself a favor, he's not only a natural born negative character as an actor, meaning Rob Roy and if we take a close look even in Reservoir Dog he wasn't very much like positive, and now he turns out to be like that as a director too. On top of the whole before he got to even thinking of making it he could already know that it was sort of a success so he didn't take a tine bit of risk or anything but a sergic cut into intellectual popularity. Unlike Kimberly Peirce and Hilary Swank with Boys Don't Cry who "only" made that 2-3 million budget movie to show that story to however small number of people so that prevention for such tragedies could take place. Tim Roth couldn't have such motivation and probably didn't even had one all he had to do was to choose a story which is cheep to be made and easy to gain success and suites well for the image that he was about to create as a debutante director. Easy to see him running through the reviews looking for the word "radical" but as for Csapnivalo he'll have none here. Won't even do that favor to call this movie in one word "sick" (cause it might fit his image too), but rather sum it up like we want the money back for the tickets...

-joey (tribiani)-


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